How to Inspire Kids

by dwaymire on February 24, 2010

Having been involved in the sport of sabre fencing for about a year now, I can share some interesting experiences. Many of these experiences involve discipline, technique, interactions with varieties of people. However, none of these matter if there is no one involved in the sport.

Fencing is an odd sport. Many kids are familiar with soccer, baseball, football, basketball. How many people have actually seen a fencing tournament? With that disconnect from mainstream, fencing has a long hard road to gaining new kids in the sport.

Many kids see basketball or football on TV and want to play. Many kids have friends playing soccer and want to play with them. With fencing being a small sport, you don’t find this common familiarity.

My daughter has played many seasons of soccer. With each season, winning or losing, she gets a trophy. All she had to do was show up.

When a kid goes to a fencing tournament, if they are under a certain age, they should be given a reward for simply showing up. Kids love that. They will go out and try their best just to get a ribbon. When a kid wins a fencing tournament, he should get something more than a paper that was just printed on a inkjet printer saying congratulations. What does that do for anyone.

So now I present you with two photos. One where 4 very brave and dedicated kids showed up to compete. One walked away a winner and was given a certificate. The others were just given a pat on the back.

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